The challenge of being Unique!

An interview with Nina Tudor, the General Manager of the Unika Workshops.

2016 is a challenging year. Color, shape, content, ideas, no matter which of these we are talking about… to be special is that little something without which the business can no longer take shape. Nina Tudor reveals to us a part of the unique qualities of the Unika Workshops, and we will be reacquainted with their products this autumn at the Corporate Gifts Show.

The Uniqueness of the brand

and of the Unika business – can you

describe it through 3 attributes?

Inspiration, vision, quality!

And if you had asked me to describe it through only one: UNIQUE.

We are unique, we try to communicate this fact and the market recognizes it. When we function in a low cost market, Unika creates special, different products, which create a nice “sound” in the world of advertising.