Edge colouring

Procedeul de colorare a cantului unui bloc de carte, a fost pana nu demult o finisare realizabila doar in strainatate.

In 2007 am achizitionat PRIMA masina din Romania care poate face colorare pe cant, denumita in termeni de specialitate SNIT.

Putem sa aplicam pe cant folio de diverse culori: auriu, argintiu, verde, rosu, albastru, etc. dar si culori mate.

Pe comenzi speciale si pentru produse speciale se poate realiza colorarea cantului si cu aur de 14-24K.

Se obtine astfel o finisare deosebita pentru blocuri.

De retinut ca acest procedeu de imprimare se face inainte ca blocul sa fie introdus in scoarta ( coperta).

Acest procedeu poate fi folosit si pentru colorarea cantului la foi cu antet sau carti de vizita.



Debossing implies the process of obtaining a logo by pressing a stamp at a high temperature on different surfaces, thus forcing the material to recess. It is recommended to use this procedure on padded covers to emphasize the pressing effect.



Personalizing using a foil is made using a stamp which is heated and by pressing the foil on the material that is being personalized, the logo is printed on the surface. Besides the coloring of the foil, by pressing the material, there is a level difference in that area, highlighting even more the area.



The wisest women in the Romanian countryside mastered the handicraft of sewing and embroidery, to the stage of perfection. Yarns, nettings - represents the structure of the world, and the symbols sewn on canvas used in rituals, have magical powers. This year we are trying to help our ancestors and continue the tradition by embroidering these symbols on the products made in the Unika workshops.

UV Printing

UV Printing

Many of the companies that come at UNIKA require services as printing the logo in the colors that are in the visual identity manual of the brand. This determined us to give you the option of UV printing on the covers made in our workshop. So now you can customize your products using UV also.



This procedure alters the surface of the leather by giving a three-dimensional or raised effect on the selected area. It requires the use of two stamps: one that raises the leather and one that deepens the material.


Unika has created along time some partnerships of which we are extremely proud and we would like to thank our customers for having chosen us to this day


The Power-Up planner is a great idea! It will be very well received by our clients and we wil be by their side each day thanks to the Power-Up embossing. Very clever idea and great workmanship.


Last products ordered from Unika were Decor planners and Trianon sets of pens and rollers, very useful and of superior quality, modern and business suitable.


Unika stands for professionalism, quality, promptitude and a reliable partner. Our staff and our products are what any successful company should have.


You can order our planners online from www.unikashop.ro

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