A new year knocks on the door and what can be more refreshing than the idea that in 2018 you could be more organized, with more thoughtful plans and well-planned ideas? That's why you need an agenda, a note, or even an organizer. Yeah, you heard it! Not the smartphone, not the post-it, not the hurried signs in the palm. Unika's products are the key to your success, no matter what profession you have.

Turn your agenda into a friend! Carry it with you every step, write your ideas, your thoughts, allow the banal sheets of paper to help you when you need the most. Your ideas will be safe! Once noted, you no longer have to worry about losing the essentials. You can concentrate on the details, you can easily develop a business idea or a personal thought. You are with yourself and you will be surprised by the help that a pen and a sheet of paper give you when you need to organize yourself and put your thoughts in order.

100% Romanian products made of genuine and synthetic leather.

And if I convinced you of the usefulness of an agenda in your life, why not enjoy a 100% original Romanian product made of high quality materials? Unlike Unika, most products on the market are mass-produced and imported from other countries, lacking personality and charm.

Unika products can be an original gift for loved ones and, above all, for you!

And the list goes on: wallets, pen holders, business cards or sunglasses holder, all kinds of corporate gifts from genuine leather, document and office sets, handbags and even HORECA-specific products. (Menu folders, room directory etc.)

This year we want to surprise you with news, we want to bring our products to the fashion area, for example: how would you like to match the agenda with the glasses pouch?

Color? What do 40 colors of genuine leather sound like and over 100 shades and textures of synthetic leather?

And for the first time in ROMANIA embroidery with traditional models!

For us 2017 means a lot, we have reached 10 years since we are with you, thank you!

And yes, you have 10 reasons to choose Unika Workshops:

  • You have a unique product
  • You have a product manufactured in Romania
  • You have a wide range of colors and patterns
  • They are made of natural leather
  • They are quality products at affordable prices
  • They are products that resist for a lifetime
  • We use durable accessories used by large fashion houses
  • You can make a gift from any product selected from the collection
  • Design meets the highest desire
  • We're close to you!

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